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10pcs Bee Feeder

10pcs Bee Feeder

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Product Description:
Item Type:Beekeeping Water Feeder
Material:Plastic Target
1. Using this tool can avoid the casualties of the water bee.
2. Reduce the physical consumption of bees and prolong the life span of bees.
3. Ensure the water demand of larvae, especially at night.
4. Use this device without opening the box, without disturbing the bee colony and losing heat.
5. It is beneficial for the bee colony to survive the summer and ensure that the bee colony can reproduce normally in hot weather. The multi-functional nest door water feeder is durable, healthy and environmentally friendly.
6. Place it outside the beehive after installation to make it easier for bees to find water naturally. It can be directly placed outside the beehive and used a beverage bottle as a container. The other end is inserted into the beehive from the door of the nest for feeding. It is compact, convenient and easy to carry.

Package Include:
1 x Beekeeping Water Feeder (10 pcs)



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