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5pcs Automatic Plant Water Bulbs

5pcs Automatic Plant Water Bulbs

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Watering Globes release water according to your plants needs.

When soil is dry, air gets into the globe which in return releases some of the water.

Through this process your plant receives the amount of water it needs.

Duration depends on the plant's needs, soil quality and room's humidity. Will last from a few day to to 2 weeks.

You can record how many days does a plant need and convenient for the next time watering timely :)



Material: PVC

Color: Transparent / Green

Size: 13cm*5cm



Release water according to your plant needs. When the soil is dry, air enters the ball, which in turn releases some water. Through this process, your plants will get the amount of water they need. The duration depends on the needs of the plant, the quality of the soil and the humidity of the room.


Product include:

5 * Self Watering Water Feeder



1.Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, the actual size could be slightly different.


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