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6 Compartment Metal Nesting Boxes

6 Compartment Metal Nesting Boxes

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Target Species:Chicken
Product Dimensions:32"L x 5.5"W x 13"H
Specific Uses For Product:Outdoor, Indoor

【Happy chicken nesting】Chicken nesting boxes are a must-have for all poultry lovers looking to start or maintain their sustainable, ecological and homegrown farm. LIVOSA nesting boxes provide a clean, safe, private and comfortable spot for hens to make a nest.
【Auto Egg Collection】Our roll out chicken nesting boxes are designed to let eggs roll forward (based on tests), collecting in the front compartment where they are protected until you're ready to collect them.
【Perfect Chicken Laying Boxes】Eight holes are perfectly sized for chicken laying eggs, smooth edges that are free from harm for you and your hens.
【Premium Materials】Made with rust-proof, galvanized and painted steel, this chicken coop is easy to clean and features a smooth surface for your chicken's comfort. Features like a sloping roof that prevents perching, multiple vents for fresh airflow.
【Easy Installation】Our nesting boxes come with screws, bolts, and a pair of gloves, making assembly quick and painless. Simply follow the installation instructions and use a flat-blade screwdriver and adjustable wrench, and you'll have a complete chicken coop in no time!

Automatically Collect Eggs

A unique design to let the eggs roll forward (in tests) into the front compartment where they were protected until you are ready to collect.


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