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6' x 6' Polycarbonate Greenhouse with Aluminum Frame

6' x 6' Polycarbonate Greenhouse with Aluminum Frame

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If it's green, you can house it with Outsunny: vegetables, herbs, flowers, bushes, succulents, or tropical fruit saplings. Cultivate your options in a walk-in garden hothouse. Control heat and humidity levels by using the top vent of your personal plant nursery. Protect plants from wind, rain, wild animals, and sun damage with the UV blocking, shatterproof polycarbonate panels. Extend your growing season and plant like a professional with Outsunny.
●FIND YOUR GREEN THUMB: This walk-in polycarbonate greenhouse gives you a personal plant nursery for your garden. If it's green, you can house it: vegetables, herbs, flowers, succulents, and saplings. Protect plants from cold, wind, rain, and wild animals.
●TRANSPARENT POLYCARBONATE HOT HOUSE: A greenhouse made of transparent polycarbonate panels that protect your plants from water, weather, and wind. Letting nourishing sunlight in and keeping damaging UV out, polycarbonate is an excellent choice to prevent sun damage in plants. Firm yet flexible compared to glass, insulating yet letting in lots of light, polycarbonate greenhouse panels are the way to go for powerful protection.
●WALK-IN GREENHOUSE WITH DOOR: Our backyard greenhouse offers a large walk-in growing area that you can easily access with it's smooth sliding door. Use it to quickly vent the area of excess moisture when left open. Pull up the rooftop vent to remove moisture slowly and provide fresh air for plants.
●OUTDOOR GREENHOUSE WITH METAL FRAME: A non-rusting material, the aluminum frame makes this patio greenhouse easy to assemble and provides it with water-resistant structure. Built into the aluminum frame are roof-mounted rain gutters that stop water build-up and offer a natural source for water collection.
●GARDEN GREENHOUSE INFORMATION: Overall Dimensions: 76"L x 73.5"W x 80.75"H. Door Dimensions: 24.5"W x 65"H. Window Dimensions: 22.75"L x 20"W. Assembly required.
● Color: Silver

● Materials: Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Polycarbonate

● Dimensions: 76"L x 73.5"W x 80.75"H.
● Door: 24.5"W x 65"H.
● Window: 22.75"L x 20"W.
● Foundation Height: 4.5"H.
● Panel's UV rating: 30um

● Item label: 845-334V01









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