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6PCS Canning Tool Set

6PCS Canning Tool Set

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Product Description:

1. High-quality material: It is made of iron-plated +PP+TPR material, which is strong and durable, comfortable to the touch, smooth hinge, non-slip, and easy to control during use.

2. Easy to open: the tools are simple and easy to use. It is mainly used to conveniently lift the can handle and clamp it firmly on the can. It is mainly used to safely remove any size jar from boiling water, keeping hands away from heat sources.

3. One machine with multiple functions: This tool can also be used to sterilize baby bottles, easily put the baby bottle in boiling water to prevent scalding.

4. Easy to clean: Please use tools to clean the inside and outside of the jar before each use to achieve a better preservation effect.

5. Various tools: canning kit, including 5 necessary tools for canning and dehydration, including funnel, lid lifter, can lifter, wrench, and pliers.

Packing list:

1 set of anti-scalding tool set





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