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Adjustable Cattle Collar

Adjustable Cattle Collar

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Suitable for:

Dogs, sheep, cattle, domestic animals

-Color: Green

-Material: Canvas


Two-layer canvas length 48cm (dogs and sheep under 30kg)Adjustment range: 30-42cm

Two-layer canvas length 59cm (dogs and sheep under 50kg)Adjustment range: 40-52cm

4 layers of canvas length 70cm (dogs and sheep below 70kg)Adjustment range: 50-62cm

4-layer canvas length 1.0-1.1M (below 700kg cattle)Adjustment range: 50-90cm

4-layer canvas length 1.3-1.4M (below 1500kg cattle)Adjustment range: 70-120cm

4-layer canvas length 1.5-1.6M (below 2600kg cattle)Adjustment range: 80-140cm

Note: manual measurement, allowable error +/-5cm


-This cow collar is made of canvas, and the four-layer thickening design makes your livestock safer.

-The material is wear-resistant, and delicate, not easy to break animal fur, and very safe for livestock.

-We choose thick pin buckles, which is strong and durable.

-Using a double-row hole design, it is very convenient to adjust the size of the collar.

-Good quality and low price, it is a great animal husbandry product.

1 x Cattle/Dog/Sheep Collar


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