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Air-Tight Food Storage Container

Air-Tight Food Storage Container

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Brand Name: SDGRP

Style: europe

Material: Plastic

Faeture1: Food Storage Container

Faeture2: Storage Boxes & Bins

Faeture3: First-class products

Faeture4: Storage tank

Faeture5: Plastic Cereal Containers

Faeture6: Multiple Sizes and Colors

Faeture7: Flexible Storage

Faeture8: Retail Dropshipping wholesale accepted

Faeture9: Kitchen accessories

Faeture10: Container for Cereals

Faeture11: Easy Lock


Air-Tight Food Storage Container for Cereals Easy Lock Sealed Jar Plastic Transparent Milk Powder Grains Candy Kitchen Organizer


-Easy cans are suitable for storing all kinds of dry goods and all kinds of confectionery. Easy-closing design, it can be opened by lifting it up and fastened by pressing it down. Can be freely combined and stacked, allowing you to effectively keep the kitchen organized. Can also be placed in the refrigerator, heat-resistant temperature: 0 ℃ -80 ℃.


-Made of new food-grade PS material: (lid PP tank body PS), does not contain bisphenol A, non-toxic and odorless, and it is safer to store food. The tank body is round and without flash, crystal clear, and the highly transparent tank body allows you to see the contents at a glance.

-Using high-quality silicone sealing ring, using the principle of vacuuming, effectively sucking out the air in the tank, and has a good sealing effect.


-Special note: If you are filling liquid, it is best to choose a round one, because the square part will leak a little because of the shrinkage. Pay attention to your choice before shooting! !!



The transparent lid is easy to place in the lower cabinet on storage, and the ingredients inside the container can be clearly seen from a top angle. The sealing ring on the edge of the lid can completely block the air, which can save for months.

The details are very appropriate, and the thick lid edge is slightly raised to facilitate opening. The toughness and hardness of the ABS plastic material of the lid are perfectly combined with the material of the tank body. The four sides of the bottom prevent wear and tear and are more durable.




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The sealing cover is made of ABS hard plastic, with a sealing rubber design at the mouth of the tank, and the tank body is made of pp material, but be careful not to enter the microwave oven. Please store it away from light when storing the real thing.



Due to different measurement methods, the actual product you receive may be different from the size and weight in the picture. Please refer to the actual product. Please understand!








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