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Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers

Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers

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Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers Multifunctional Oxygen Absorbers Packets For Mason Tanks, Polyester Film Bags, Vacuum Bags Kitchen


Bullet Points:

1. Control Food Costs: Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers Can Be used for Food Storage. They Can ABSORB 21% Oxygen from the Air and the Remaining 78% Nitrogen C An key long Longer
for maintaining the original taste and nutrition of spices, grains, beans, dehydrated vegetables and fruits, and candy.
2. Reducing Flavor Loss: You can use these Food Storage Oxygen Absorbers for long-term storage of food and it is better to use them in an oxygen-free environment.
3. Safe and Reliable: Oxygen Absorbers Packets are used to help maintain product safety and extend shelf life. They can be safely placed on food. They are packed in sealed bags and will not harm the food.

4. Wide Range of Application: Our Food Grade Oxygen Absorber Packets Are Suitable for Mason Tanks, Polyester Film Bags, Vacuum Bags, or Another Seal Container For Long- TERM Storage of Food.




Oxygen Observers for Food Can Keep The original Taste and color of spices, grains, beans, pasta, grains, and dehydrated vegetables.

Widely used for food storage, reducing food cost.
Safe and reliable, healthy for use.
Wide range of application, suitable for Mason tank , polyester film bag, and vacuum bag.

Properties :

1. Package: 100/300pcs
2. Material: iron powder


1. After the deoxidizer is opened, try to use it up within 1-2 hours and seal the fresh-keeping objects. If it has not been used up, please discharge the air in the original packaging bag in time and reseal it to avoid failure.
2. When used, put the fresh food and put it into the storage object with the native oxygen, and seal it properly.
3. Deoxidizer is suitable for the preservation of fatty or greasy food, not for the preservation of food with high water content.
4. Deoxidizer will react with air, which is normal imagination. Please feel free to use it.

Packing list:

100 pcs Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers
300 pcs Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers


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