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Hydroponics Herb Starter Kit

Hydroponics Herb Starter Kit

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Automatic Nursery Pots Flower Vegetable Garden Pots Planter Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Herb Gardening Starter Kit for Home Gardening, Height Adjustable(12 Pots)

Bullet Points:

✅ Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights:Adopted 36 Watt LED lights which can simulate the sunlight all year round indoors, allow the plants to enjoy the light in any weather.

✅ 2 Grow Modes&Smart LED Control: Vegetable mode and flower mode. In both modes, the LED lights will stay lit for 16 hours and sleep for 8 hours, then repeat the working cycle day by day, you don’t need to turn on/off the light on time manually with this smart control function.

✅ Excellent Water Circulation:The equipped water pump can massively speed up the growth rate of most plants with nutrient solutions, it’s not surprising if a plant grows 20% faster than soil gardening.

✅ Adjustable Height:The height of the LED light panel can be adjusted according to different growth stages of the plants, you can lower the LED panel during the seedling period and lift the panel when the plants grow taller, ensure the plants always enjoy the light efficiently.

✅ 4.5L Large Tank&Visible Water Level:Comes with a 4.5L water tank, 2 kinds of solid nutrient, 12 sponges and 12 baskets, supports 12 plants at a time, creates high yields in your house.

Package Included:

  • Plug Adapter*1

  • Sponge*12

  • Basket*12

  • Solid Nutrient A

  • Solid Nutrient B

Pertinent Parameters:

  • Brand: INKBIRD

  • Grow Light: 36 W LED grow light

  • Hour Rating: 3000000 hours

  • Grow Light Spectrum: full spectrum

  • Grow Height: 500mm/19.69inch

  • Number of Plant: 12 pots

  • Illumination Mode: Veg Mode&Flower Mode

  • Veg: 16 hours on/8 hours off

  • Flower: 16 hours on/8 hours off

  • Water Pump Preset Cycle: 20000hrs

  • Weight: 1280g/45.2oz

  • Capacity of Water: 4.5L

  • System Power Input : AC 110~240v

  • Power Output: DC 24v

  • Max Power: 36 w

  • LED Brightness: 120 lumens (3W)

  • LED Color Temperature: 6000k (BrightWhite)





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