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Manual Grain Grinder

Manual Grain Grinder

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What makes our 500# Home Use Hand Cranking Operation Grain Grinder different from traditional ones should be its adjustable grinding performance. It means that this grinder could control thickness of grinded grain. For itself, made of highly superior material, this grinder is in solid structure and high strength, durable for long-term use. It is in meticulous design, could better fit for all kinds of grain. Supporting hand cranking operation, it is much labor-saving. All in all, user-friendly design, high efficiency and good performance make this grinder a nice choice for each household!


1. Practical machine for household or business use

2. Top-grade material makes this grinder durable to use

3. Suitable for grinding all kinds of grain

4. Ergonomic design, user-friendly and harmless

5. Designed into hand cranking operation, labor-saving machine



First use, Recommend use the mill with like 100 grams of cereals, pass it 2-3 times through the mill then throw it.

Style 1:


-- Material: Iron / Plating+Iron
-- Color: silver
-- Drive mode: hand crank
-- Food tank size: diameter about 13.2cm, height about 14.5cm
-- Maximum range of fixed fixture: within 4.5cm
-- The distance between the grinding disc and the tabletop after fixing: about 6cm
-- Overall size: height about 43.5cm
-- Uses: suitable for household, professional crushing, various kinds of grains, Chinese medicinal materials and various dry food materials (such as wheat, beans, coffee beans, cocoa beans, chilli noodles, etc.)

Package Include:

1x Food can body

1x Body

1x Handle


Style 2:


-- Material: Cast Iron
-- Surface Finish: electroplating

--    Color: Silver

--    Driving mode: hand shaking

--    Dimension of food can body: diameter is about 13.2cm, height is about 7cm = = = this dimension is a sample size;

--    Dimension of food can body: upper diameter: 13.1cm, lower diameter: 9.4cm, height about 6cm = = = this dimension is large cargo size;

--    Maximum range of fixture: within 4.5cm

--    Distance from the fixed grinding plate to the desktop: About 6cm

--    Overall size: height about 38cm

--    Crushing effect: as shown in the figure

--    Application: suitable for home, professional grinding, sample of various cereals, traditional Chinese medicine and various dry food materials (such as wheat, beans, coffee beans, cocoa beans, chili noodles, etc.)

Note: the grinding effect of the machine can not reach the complete powder state. It can only be in the mixed state of fine particles and powder, which is the same for similar machines.

Note: the word "500" printed on the body represents a model and a type.

Package Include:

1x Food can body

1x Body

1x Handle

1x Grinding disc

1x Fixture







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