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Extra Large 15' x 7' Greenhouse

Extra Large 15' x 7' Greenhouse

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Extra Large 15' x 7' Greenhouse, Hoop Hot House, Zipper Door, Windows, Green
● Control the temperature and sunlight for tropical plants, vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers
● Extra-large galvanized steel frame greenhouse
● Waterproof, UV blocking PE cover to stop sun damage in plants
● Eight roll-up mesh side windows for ventilation
● Assembly required

If it's green, you can house it with green. Vegetables, herbs, flowers, bushes, succulents, or tropical fruit saplings, cultivate your options. A garden greenhouse that's extra-large and offers a lot of grow space; it includes a galvanized steel frame and is covered over with protective PE that stops plant sun damage. Featuring a zipper mesh door for easy access to your walk-in space and eight mesh windows for ventilation. Control humidity levels in your personal plant nursery.

● Color: Green
● Material: Steel, Polyethylene
● Overall Dimensions: 175.25" L x 78.75" W x 78.75" H
● Window Size: 17.25" L x 15.75" W
● PE Door Size: 33.75" W x 70.75" H
● Mesh Door Size: 43.25" L x 70.75" W
● Windproof: Level 4 (wind speed below 17.5mph)


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