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Stainless Steel Canner Rack

Stainless Steel Canner Rack

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This versatile wire rack is a must-have in any kitchen! Designed to withstand high heat, it's perfect for saving cooking time and preventing accidental burns. With an easy-to-grasp design and wide uses, it's great for roasting, baking, and more!

Product material: stainless steel
Product size: 29*29*22.5cm/11.4*11.4*8.8 in
Product weight: about 265g

Product List:
water bath canning rack x1

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1.Effortless Canning: With our canning rack, take out boiling water without burning your hands! The anti-scalding design ensures maximum safety, while the anti-slip feature keeps jars in place.

2.Reliable Performance: Constructed of durable stainless steel, our canning rack boasts high-pressure resistance, long-lasting durability and sturdiness. It won't deform or rust, making it the perfect choice for a seamless canning process.

3.Effortless Canning: With our canning rack, you can easily preserve up to 8 batches of 16 fluid ounces canned food in 1 go. Its design fits both spherical tanks and common mouth jars, and the wide mouth ensures a perfect fit.

4.Easy Jar Handling: Our canning rack features two foldable handles for easy lifting and maneuvering of jars. Lightweight and easy to store, it saves space in your kitchen. Suitable for lifting any size jar, it ensures convenient and hassle-free canning every time.

5.Multipurpose Use: A variety of applications include home canning, pickling, soup-making, and steaming culinary products such as jam, meat, sauce, and more. A sturdy canning rack is included for quick and simple use.



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