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Tree Apron

Tree Apron

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Reliable material: The tree protector is made of non-woven fabric, practical and easy to use, to ensure your plants and fruit trees grow healthily.
Good results: Weeding mats can save you time and protect plants from weeds more effectively than loose grass mulch.
Practical function: Weeding mats protect tree trunks from lawn mowers or trimmers, suppress weeds, and keep your landscape tidy.
Wide use: Weeding mats can be used in nurseries, gardens, balconies or office pots, green works, and even wedding green decorations.
Easy to use: Non-woven weeding cloth can be placed on the root of the plant in the pot, choose the right size or make a simple trim.

Material: Non-woven fabric.
Colour: Black.
Type 1: approx. 15x15x0.1 cm/5.91x5.91x0.04 inch.
Type 2: approx. 25x25x0.1 cm/9.84x9.84x0.04 inch.
Type 3: approx. 27x27x0.1 cm/10.63x10.63x0.04 inch.
Type 4: approx. 32x32x0.1 cm/12.60x12.60x0.04 inch.
Type 5: approx. 42x42x0.1 cm/16.54x16.54x0.04 inch.
Type 6: approx. 52x52x0.3 cm/20.47x20.47x0.12 inch.
Type 7: approx. 62x62x0.1 cm/24.41x24.41x0.04 inch.
Type 8: approx. 72x72x0.1 cm/28.35x28.35x0.04 inch.
Type 9: approx. 82x82x0.1 cm/32.28x32.28x0.04 inch.
There might be a bit color distortions due to different computer resolutions.
There might be a slight errors due to different hand measurement.

Package Includes:
1 Piece Tree Weeding Mat.




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